Adax Oil-Filled Wall Heaters APO/ALO
A good indoor environment, green heat, economy and comfort Adax oil-filled radiators are all this...
There’s nothing like coming into a warm, cosy house on a cold winter day. Adax oil-filled radiators provide heat in a gentle, efficient and comfortable way. The thermostat keeps the temperature in the room at exactly the level you choose.

Rapid and Efficient Heat
The radiators have a large surface area so that the heat can be transferred to the air which circulates over it, bringing warmth quickly and efficiently out into the room, where you need it. At the same time the surfaces themselves stay at a low, even temperature.

Electronic Thermostat and Low Temperatures
The electronic thermostat helps to maintaining a low surface temperature by switching the heater on and off rapidly. Only as much energy as is required to keep the desired temperature, is supplied to the heater. The low surface temperature and reduced energy consumption mean lower heating costs.

Environmentally Friendly
Not only in the home is a good environment important. Adax oil-filled radiators contain thermal oil which can be recycled. And the other components making up the products are recoverable, when, after maybe several decades of use, the heaters are replaced. Low energy consumption in both homes and commercial buildings is a goal for the future. Also, the production of everything which makes up the building must be based upon sustainable sources ofmaterials and energy.