All our panel heaters are built with care by our highly motivated workers and skilled tradesmen. Our work and production environment is so unique that many of our staff have been working with the company the whole of their professional life. Thus resulting in products based on a high level of competence, experience ang quality. As the market leader and manufacturer for many years we can provide a 5 year warranty on our own manufactured products.


We thrive to be, at all times, the best suppliers of heaters. The experience gained over the years has helped us to be inspired, every day in enerything we do. Our products look good and are user- friedly. They are designed to suit your taste and provide you with the oppurtunity to meet your induvidual requirements through colour selection. We seek to develop heaters that not only provide you with the heat you expect, but that will also fit within the interior design of your home.


Our focus has always been on details. Details you shouldn't have to think about in a hectic everyday life. We don't want to provide you just with the warmth you have need for, but to give you a panel heater that is known to be good and work well at home and for life. It is this focus that has helped us to become the market leader in the Nordic countries and to sell in Europe's demanding markets.