Adax Clea is our new exclusive glass heater. Adax is proud to deliver high quolity products, focusing on design. Clea is not an exception. with a hardened glass surface and with a finish as smooth as a mirror adding taste and elegance to your interior. Our focus on quality is reflected in the hardened glass surface in black or white, secured with four bolts and with a low surface temperature. Every little detail is carefully thought out. 
Clea is delivered with a digital thermostat with day and night temperature setting. if you use it efficiently you can reduce the heating energy usage up to 20 %. The thermostat can also be upgraded to a wireless system that will give you further control of your energy usage. Available in white or black. comes standard with an digital thermostat (DT). .

  • Height: CP - 420 mm, CL - 190 mm
  • Depth: 90 mm
  • 230 Volts
  • Color: white and black
  • Plug and cable included
  • Cable lenght: 1,4m
  • 5 years warranty


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