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Adax, Glamox and Neo digital thermostat (DT) in sofware edition S2 and S3 flashes rE - 17- degrees in display after a powercut lasting longer than 24hours.

Panel heater still heats but only 17 degrees or the lowest confirmed temperature to avoid unwanted higher energy consumption. All programs er deleted.

RAL and NCS codes

Adax and Glamox products deliveres with following standard colors:

Glamox 3001                                - Ral 9010 / White

Adax VP10, VPS9, VPS10, VP11 - RAL 9010 / White

Adax Neo, Neo 2, Clea, ECO       - RAL 9016 / White

Adax Neo                                      - RAL 3020 / Red

Adax Neo                                      - RAL 9005 / Black

Adax Neo                                      - RAL 9006 / Silver

Power connection

First you check the power connection is working good.

The error will not be corrected and the product must be dircarded.

All panel heaters has 5 year warranty with presentation of pursache receipt.

Rom og effekt

Choose the right heater for the interior of your home, it will hang on the wall for several years!

It is important to keep the correct power in proportion with the number of square meters of the room in order 
to maintain the right temperature in the room.
We recommend about 75 watts per. sqm. in the average home. 
It is recommended to place panel heaters under windows to prevent cool air drafts from the windows.
If the room is large with many windows, it can be practical to use several heaters, so that the heat spreads 
faster and better.
You can save up to 20% of  your energy consumption if you choose products with day and night 
saving fuction.
The required power of heater depends on size of room, its insulation, ouside temperature. 
The following table gives recommendations what power depending on the size and height of the room with 
standard insulation best suit you premises.
If the ceiling higher or insulation is poorer, it is recommended to choose bigger power heater.



Mild climat

60-70 W/ m²

Normal/cold climat

 70-85 W/ m²


Room size,  m² (ceiling height 2,4 m)

Room size,  m² (ceiling height 2,4 m)


5 - 7  m²

5 - 6  m²


8 - 10  m²

7 - 9  m²


12 - 14  m²

11 - 12  m²


14 - 16  m²

12 - 14  m²


17 - 20  m²

14 - 17  m²


21 - 25  m²

18 - 21  m²


26 - 34  m²

22 - 29  m²

Good luck with your Adax product!

You have to try with a thermostat set at a higher number. If it does then it is okay. Thermostat can be calibret for right instructions, see the user manual.

Product must be connected to socket. Set the thermostat to maximum and turn the switch for motor. If motor or heater element not works than product kan be exchanged for new.